Sustainability Alliance

Facilitating Conversation

Many non-profit organizations are working to strengthen our soil, water, air, energy, and climate resilience here on the Seacoast. We share a common goal: to align life on the Seacoast with nature’s life-supporting systems.

In 2015, the Paris Climate Conference inspired us to ask ourselves and each other: how can we do more locally, at this critical time?

Weaving Networks

The Sustainability Alliance provides a light framework to build relationships and broaden connections. Our work grows more effective when we share ideas; discover complementary action; cooperate to increase resources; focus efforts for maximum effectiveness; and build community, using network weaving and systems thinking as major tools.  

Taking Action

We co-hosted the NetPositive Impact Symposium with Portsmouth Public Library in November 2016.  Inspiration for individual positive impact continues with our monthly Handprint Parties. Our annual Leadership Summit brings together current and emerging non-profit leaders (staff, board, and volunteers) to share knowledge and refresh relationships. 

The Sustainability Alliance builds pathways for us to do things together that we might not imagine individually. 

“Humanity’s 21st century challenge is to meet the needs of all within the means of the planet.” —Kate Raworth, ‘Donut Economics’