Personal Well-being Programs

Pinetree Institute sponsors numerous workshops for individuals that support the development of personal well-being. Many of these workshops are movement -based and use movement as an integrative approach to whole-person development.

Workshops for the coming year include:


Men’s Authentic Movement Workshop

Authentic Movement — Core Practice Workshop is under development for 2017 and is designed as a two-day immersion experience for everyone wishing to deepen their experience in the basic form of Authentic Movement. This workshop is also open for people new to the form based on prior discussion with the workshop leader.

Men’s Authentic Movement Workshop offers an opportunity for men who wish to explore movement as a means of personal exploration and development. This workshop is oriented primarily to experienced movers but interested new members are invited to contact Pinetree to see if this workshop might be appropriate for them.

Authentic Movement as Practice and as Therapy is an intensive retreat designed for trained clinicians with a minimum of five years of experience in Authentic Movement and several years of post-graduate clinical experience.