Leadership and Organizational Well-being Programs

Pinetree Institute offers a wide variety of leadership development programs including leadership training, team facilitation, staff retreats and organizational consulting. Pinetree Leadership programs are based on many years of experience working with both for-profit and non-profit organizations as well as governmental agencies and NGO’s. Pinetree facilitators are uniquely qualified to provide innovative leadership development training that address leadership trends towards adaptability, self-awareness, collaboration, and network thinking. Pinetree Institute has a training backbone in creativity and leadership development through authentic movement, organizational leadership and well-being with a solid background in creative expression and the arts. Leadership development is moving away from isolated behavioral competencies towards complex thinking abilities, redefining leadership as a process rather than a role. This process thinking is at the core of the Pinetree approach.

For more information about Pinetree Leadership programs please email info.pinetree@gmail.com.