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Police, first responders, and professionals in the justice system around the country are reporting significant changes in outcomes when they adopt a trauma responsive approach based on an understanding of ACEs science. As a professional group, these organizations and individuals are often on the front line of dealing with the most difficult behavioral challenges. Groups that have adopted trauma responsive approaches have reported significant changes in the way they do their work and the outcomes they observe:

  • Decreased rates of repeat offenders
  • Better outcomes for individuals who have previously been stuck in patterns of recurring challenges
  • New options for addressing cases that go beyond punishment or restraint to get to real solutions

Law and Justice professionals working with these approaches report personal advantages:

  • Greater range and repertoire of responses that help with the most challenging cases
  • Tools for handling difficult situations that help to defuse and even improve behavioral challenges
  • Greater satisfaction at work and reduced anxiety in facing potentially disruptive individuals
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