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Mental Health professionals are at the core of the work on behavioral approaches to health. In both private practice and in organizational settings mental health practitioners and such groups as addiction counselors and family services counselors have found that the ACEs research has informed their work and led to significant breakthroughs in treatment and recovery. A trauma responsive approach assists the field of mental health in many ways:

  • Addresses root causes of behavioral issues to lead to real and lasting change
  • Provides a framework for preventive approaches that reduce the long-term effects of trauma-related issues
  • Creates opportunities to address intergenerational transmission of trauma that can improve the health outcomes for families and children

Mental Health professionals also report personal advantages:

  • Less burn-out and care fatigue by being able to address root causes of behavioral challenges
  • Decreased secondary trauma and increased ability to personally handle the effects of secondary trauma
  • Improved work satisfaction by seeing results that have long term impact
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