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Educators know that ACEs can have a huge impact on the learning experiences of children, teenagers, and young adults and several organizations have responded to their calls for help, Pinetree Institute among them. Pinetree’s approach recognizes that a siloed tactic to a community-wide challenge often leaves many out of the equation. New research on Positive Childhood Experiences (PCEs), alongside community-based approaches, provide the opportunity for groups to take action in intentional ways, based on research. Pinetree facilitates community connections to create significant positive change together with parents, educators, and students.

Schools which have implemented trauma responsive approaches have experienced profound results:

  • Significant decrease in school detentions
  • Decreased school violence and disruptive behavior
  • Increased engagement, less absenteeism, and higher graduation rates

Teachers also report:

  • More time to teach vs discipline
  • Education that gets to the heart of what the students really need and want
  • Less stressful work /academic environment – leading to a more positive experience for everyone
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