Resilience and Trauma-Informed Care

Pinetree Institute is undertaking a major initiative focused on Community-based Resilience and Trauma-Informed Care. Utilizing research from the CDC-Kaiser study of Adverse Childhood Experiences and data collected from the implementation of trauma-informed and resilience-building initiatives around the country, Pinetree Institute is implementing a program of community-wide awareness and training. Through direct outreach to community leaders, town management, law enforcement, health professionals, and educators, this endeavor will address the crisis of ACEs and their role in a variety of societal challenges, including the widespread opioid epidemic, in the NH Seacoast/York County, ME region.

We are building the capacity to thrive by addressing root causes, through evidence-based services, that have shown proven results in other communities over the past 10 years.

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"It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men." - Frederick Douglass

ACEs Awareness

In 2019 Pinetree is launching a major series of initiatives to build awareness of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) in the Seacoast NH / Southern Maine region. ACEs have been shown to have a major impact on health and well-being outcomes for people of all ages and all economic backgrounds. On May 3, 2019 Pinetree will sponsor an exciting conference with Dr. Robert Anda and Laura Porter, two of the key figures in the ACEs awareness effort. In Fall of 2019 Pinetree will launch a major Master Trainer initiative, a three-year initiative to build ACEs awareness and stimulate the development of trauma-informed approaches to community service delivery.

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Community-Based Strategy Planning

One of the challenging issues facing Maine and New Hampshire in 2019 is addressing the increasing spread of opiate addiction and related issues. Approaches based on ACEs awareness and trauma-informed care have been demonstrated to have a powerful impact on the effectiveness of addiction prevention and recovery programs. These programs are only effective if they are coordinated across the full range of services that a community offers including schools, medical services, police, justice programs, protective services, mental health services and all other service providers. An integrated approach to prevention and treatment is essential. Pinetree is working with communities in the Seacoast NH / Southern Maine region to develop new approaches to coordinated provision of care. Through facilitated strategy sessions and working groups Pinetree is helping communities apply models that have been demonstrated to be effective in other parts of the country and make them applicable to services in our area.

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Resilience and Trauma-informed Care

One of the primary goals of the ACEs awareness initiative is to develop education and training for helping professionals and community leaders in effective approaches to trauma-informed care. Over the past 10 years communities around the country have been achieving positive results by changing their approach to delivering services for people in need. Instead of asking “What’s wrong with you?” trauma-informed approaches ask, “What happened to you?” and base their programs on developing an empathetic and compassionate response. Pinetree is developing workshops and seminars that help people learn about trauma-informed care and think about ways to evolve their own services toward a more restorative approach. Our major conference on May 3, 2019 -- Resilience: Addressing Trauma at its Root -- will be a highlight of our 2019 educational program.

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Positive Life Skills

A key part of developing well-being for individuals and families is learning about Positive Life Skills that build the coping strategies that increase resilience. Positive Education approaches have been developed over the past 20 years based on research in Positive Psychology and related Behavioral Science fields. Pinetree is with working with Proof Positive, a leader in Positive Education programs, to develop pilot workshops, training programs and in-service training that build positive life skills and provide the knowledge teachers and helping professionals can use to build the positive life skills of the students and individuals they work with.

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