The Pinetree Learning Center

Idyllic Pinetree Farm is a beautifully renovated 1792 farmhouse and barn nestled between lush gardens and quiet woodlands in rural Eliot, ME. Located only 3 miles from Rt 95, just over an hour from Boston, MA or Portland, ME and just over the bridge from Portsmouth, NH, this peaceful yet convenient setting is the location for many Pinetree Learning Center workshops and is available to rent.

Our Programs

Leadership and Organizational

Pinetree Institute offers a wide variety of leadership development programs including leadership training, team facilitation, staff retreats and organizational consulting. Pinetree leadership programs are based on many years of experience working with both for-profit and nonprofit organizations as well as governmental agencies and NGOs. Pinetree facilitators are uniquely qualified to provide innovative leadership development training that addresses leadership trends toward adaptability, self-awareness, collaboration, and network thinking. Leadership development is moving away from isolated behavioral competencies toward complex thinking abilities, redefining leadership as a process rather than a role. This process thinking is at the core of the Pinetree approach.

Personal Development

Pinetree Institute sponsors numerous workshops for individuals that support the development of personal well-being. Many of these workshops are movement-based and use movement as an integrative approach to whole-person development. Workshops include techniques such as yoga or authentic movement and include the arts as a integrative approach. Some workshops also focus on specific groups such as men’s development or training for those in helping professions.

Resilience and Trauma-Informed Care

Pinetree Institute is undertaking a major initiative focused on Community-based Resilience and Trauma-Informed Care. Utilizing research from the CDC-Kaiser study of Adverse Childhood Experiences and data collected from the implementation of trauma-informed and resilience-building initiatives around the country, Pinetree Institute is implementing a program of community-wide awareness and training. Through direct outreach to community leaders, town management, law enforcement, health professionals, and educators, this endeavor will address the crisis of ACEs and their role in a variety of societal challenges, including the widespread heroin epidemic, in the NH Seacoast/York County, ME region.

We are building the capacity to thrive by addressing root causes, through evidence based services, that have shown proven results in other communities over the past 10 years.

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Renting Pinetree Farm

Pinetree Farm is available to rent for your own wellness retreat or workshop related to the Pinetree mission of sustainable well-being. Pinetree can accommodate groups of up to 16 participants for overnight stays and up to 25 participants for meetings. Rentals are generally available from April 1 to December 15 with occasional rentals during the winter months for local groups only. We do not host weddings or other special events not related to the Pinetree Institute mission.

Services and Accommodations

Pinetree Farm offers a welcoming facility in a beautifully renovated 200-year-old farmhouse and two barns surrounded by flower and vegetable gardens. Pinetree hosts only one group at a time giving your group exclusive access to the workshop space, dining and living rooms on the first floor of the house, the sun-porch and all the gardens. Overnight guest rooms are usually shared by 2 to 3 people. Each guest room has its own private half-bath with shared access to private showers. Pinetree provides all meals and our catering crew is skilled at accommodating special food requirements. Meals at Pinetree are simple and nutritious and always very flavorful. If you are booking for overnight meetings, all meals and snacks are provided by Pinetree. For daytime meetings Pinetree can provide lunch and snacks, depending on your group’s requirements.

If your organization is looking to plan a retreat, Pinetree can also work with you to help plan your meeting. We have worked with many groups to facilitate strategic planning sessions, team-building, leadership development and organizational development experiences.

Book Your Workshop or Retreat:

If you are interested in booking a time for your workshop or retreat, please contact Larry McCullough at ( Larry will be happy to discuss your requirements with you and help determine the cost. Costs will vary depending on the number of people, the number of overnights and meals required, the types of services and the nature of the event.