Anne Romney

I will use my reusable shopping bags for all my shopping, not just my grocery shopping!

Celis Brisbin

On June 12th I committed myself to being a passive vegetarian. This, to me, means that I will not purchase meat but I will be open to consumption if offered at a home or event. I recently learned that ~18% of greenhouse gasses can be attributed to the livestock industry. This is an easy decision which will significantly decrease my carbon footprint.

Bert Cohen

On June 9 I called Home Depot. I connected after three transfers to a representative who took my concerns regarding the HDX packaging of a adjustable wrench set and she will pass these concerns onto purchasing. In this process I learned that several of the plastic packaging items had recycling triangles on them. I also found it engaging to have conversations with at least three friends about this issue.

Bert Cohen

I will collect all the Items I buy during the month of May that are packaged in plastic and at the end of the month make a phone call to give feedback to one supplier. I will encourage them to have a packaging that by design is biodegradable and has a smaller environmental footprint.